Desmarie Guyton, is the owner of DGM (Desmarie Guyton Management), and Wealth Specialist.  Her goal is to help you build wealth in all areas of life from a Spiritual, Financial and Health Perspective.  She is also the Author of the self-help book, “Encouragement for Discouraged Women” and is a contributing writer of finance to “E” The Magazine for The Executive Female, as well as an inspirational writer for West Coast Magazine.  She is a Motivational Speaker, and Co-Founder of the women’s organization “Blend2day,” which is an acronym for Balance, Life, Educate, Network, and Dream. 

     Desmarie understands for you to build wealth; all three areas must be in alignment (Spirit, Finance and Health.) Her goal is to educate and assist with filling in the gaps through discovering who they are, establishing accountability, and creating a strategic plan to build wealth. Her motto is “we are not owners of anything in this life, only managers. So, it is important that we manage what is given correctly, or it will be taken away; through our ignorance, or by someone else.”

     DGM is a Financial Company associated with the Alliance Group and Financial Concept of America located in Anaheim, California.


 Desmarie Guyton

Wealth Specialist