Discouragement can happen to anyone, especially women of God. However, discouraged women is never how God wants His children to be and motivates us to look within to pinpoint our struggles’ origins. Author Desmarie Guyton discovered that she was serving her flesh and God, and also didn’t know Jesus personally as her Savior. Her journey to a solid relationship with God through Jesus is infused into her new advice book, Encouragement for Discouraged Women. Offering spiritual encouragement for women, Desmarie wants readers to realize God has a plan and that they can be free from worry by being transformed through Christ. She describes what led her to stay focused on Jesus and how readers can learn to serve God, not flesh. With God, women can break Satan’s strongholds on them and suit up with Ephesians 6’s battle armor. It’s not just encouragement for the day; it’s spiritual encouragement for life.

"Spiritual Growth"